OK 2016 Exhibition _ 러시아 선급협회 (RMRS) OK 2016 전시회 참가

OK 2016 Exhibition _ 러시아 선급협회 (RMRS) OK 2016 전시회 참가

“ RMRS took part in Offshore Korea 2016 “

RMRS participated in the international Offshore Plant Exhibition (Offshore Korea 2016) which was held between the 19th and 21st of October 2016 in Busan, Republic of Korea.
520 companies from 30 countries and 1,400 booths participated in the exhibition, and the latest technologies and trends were well presented and attracted attention at first sight.

RMRS exhibition booth was supported by the delegates from RS HQ such as Mr. S.D.Kaganov who is a head of pre-contract work and marketing department and Mr. Anatoly Remarchuk who is a principal specialist of Industrial department and Mr. Andrey Filimonov who is senior expert of New Building department and Mr. Seregy Markov who is head of Offshore Oil & Gas Equipment and presented “Experience and Key items of Technical Supervision during Offshore Oil and Gas Fields Development in Russia”.

Currently, RMRS is engaged in the new building projects such as Yamal LNGC built at DSME shipyard, SCF arctic shuttle tankers built at Samsung shipyard and a floating gas terminal function regasification unit (LNG-FSRU) built at Hyundai shipyard.
So during three (3) days of the exhibition, RMRS stand was crowded with many visitors and about 100 representatives from small and medium-sized companies involved in the marine industry visited and subsequent discussions were followed.

During the exhibition, RMRS had presented the main goals of classification society and the maritime industry of the Russian Federation and discussed in detail about the procedure of approval of technical documentation and obtaining certificates of RMRS.
RMRS was interested in the work of manufacturers of equipment which should be used at low temperatures of the Far North. Representatives from shipyards and marine equipment manufacturers had also received necessary consultations for the on-going project vessels.

Also, there were some interesting topics for new building of fishing vessels in connection with the renewal program of Russian fishing fleets in Far Eastern Region and some Korean companies would like to participate to the program.
In November, several meetings were scheduled with the companies which would like to get more advice or to apply for issuing of certificates for type approval or recognition of manufacturer from RMRS.
러시아 6조원 규모 협력  (6 Trillion won contracts from Russia)

러시아 6조원 규모 협력 (6 Trillion won contracts from Russia)

푸틴 만난 朴대통령…러시아서 '6조' 수주       (2016.09.04)

박근혜 대통령과 블라디미르 푸틴 러시아 대통령이 3일 오후 러시아 블라디보스톡 극동연방대학교에서 한-러 정상회담을 하고 있다.

박근혜 대통령과 블라디미르 푸틴 러시아 대통령의 정상회담을 계기로 현대•기아자동차그룹, 현대중공업그룹 등이 러시아에서 총 6조원 이상 규모의 프로젝트 수주에 성공했다.
현대중공업은 박 대통령의 이번 방러를 계기로 최근 러시아 국영선사인 소프콤플로트의 유조선 12척을 총 6억6000만달러(약 7300억원)에 건조하는 계약의 우선협상대상자로 선정됐다. 양측은 현재 사양, 선가, 납기 등에 대한 협의를 거쳐 이달 말 본 계약에 서명 할 계획이다. 선박은 글로벌 석유 메이저인 쉘(Shell) 로 용선돼 석유 운송에 쓰인다.
두 프로젝트 모두 우리 민간 기업이 주도했지만 푸틴 대통령이 공개적으로 직접 언급했다는 점에서 러시아 정부가 한•러 정상회담을 앞두고 영향력을 행사했을 가능을배제할 수 없다.
4일 푸틴 대통령은 전날 러시아 블라디보스톡에서 박 대통령과 정상회담을 한 뒤 공동 기자회견에서 "한국 기업이 러시아로부터 에너지 운반선을 수주했다"고 전하고, "러시아 나호트카에 필요한 비료공장 건설도 계획한다"고 말했다.
현대차 그룹의 현대엔지니어링과 현대건설이 주도하는 컨소시엄은 최근 한•러 정상회담을 계기로 러시아 국영 화학기업인 NCG의 100% 자회사 NMFF와 총 51억달러(약 5조6000억원) 규모의 러시아 비료공장 건설 사업에 대한 본 계약을 체결했다. 2022년까지 나호트카 지역에 세계 최대용량의 비료공장을 건설하는 사업이다.
한•러 정상회담에서 양 정상은 △하바롭스크 폐기물 처리사업(1억7500만달러) △캄차트카 주립병원 건설(1억7000만달러) △블라디보스톡 냉동창고 투자•건설(5000만달러) 등 총 3억9500만달러(약 4300억원) 규모의 극동지역 프로젝트에 우리 기업의 참여를 추진키로 뜻을 모았다.
또 두 정상은 러시아 등 옛 소련 5개국으로 구성된 EAEU(유라시아경제연합)와 우리나라의 FTA(자유무역협정) 체결을 본격 추진키로 합의했다. 양국은 10월5일 한•러시아 비즈니스포럼을 계기로 모스크바에서 고위급 회의를 열고 한•EAEU FTA 추진 계획에 대해 협의키로 했다.
정상회담 직후 푸틴 대통령은 박 대통령의 선친인 고(故) 박정희 전 대통령이 1979년 타계 전 마지막으로 쓴 신년 친필 휘호를 깜짝 선물했다. '총화전진'(總和前進: 모두 화합해 앞으로 나아가자)이라고 쓰인 휘호는 박 전 대통령 타계 후 미국 미술품 시장으로 흘러간 것을 러시아 당국이 박 대통령에게 선물하기 위해 극비리에 구입한 것으로 알려졌다.

President Park met Russian President Vladimir Putin and achieved …..6 trillion won contracts from Russia

In the occasion of the summit meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Park Geun-hye, Hyundai • Kia Motor Group and Hyundai Heavy Industries Group have succeeded in concluding the projects for a total of 6 trillion won or more in size
An opportunity to visit of Russia by President Park, Hyundai Heavy Industries was selected as the preferred bidder for the construction of 12 tankers for the Russian state-owned company “Sovcomflot” having a total of $ 660 million (approximately 730 billion won).
The two sides plan to sign the agreement at the end of this month after clarification of the current specifications, ship price, delivery date and etc. The vessels will be chartered to global oil majors “Shell” and will be used for oil transportation.
Both projects have been led by private companies, but it cannot be ruled out the possibility of direct influence of Russian Government because president Putin stated publicly by himself.
On the 4th September, President Putin told at a joint press conference after presidential summit held on one day before in Vladivostok that "Korea company was awarded for the Oil carriers from Russia," and “a plan is also required for the fertilizer plant at Nakhodka in Russia" he said.
A consortium of Hyundai Engineering and Hyundai Construction which were belonged to the Hyundai Motor Group recently signed an agreement with NMFF which is 100% subsidiary of the Russian state-owned chemical company NCG for the construction of the Russian fertilizer plant having a total amount of 51 billion dollars (about 5.6 trillion won). By 2022, the project to build the fertilizer plant will be the world's largest capacity located in Nakhodka.

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