Russian Maritime Register of Shipping        Russian
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Head Office

8, Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya, Saint-Petersburg, 191186, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Telephone: +7 812 3802072, E-mail:

RS Directory  Federal Autonomous Institution "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping": General Management
Marine Directorate
Ships in Service Division
 Ships in Service Department
 PSC Affairs Department
 Ships Records Maintenance Department
 Transfer of Class Department
 ISM and ISPS Code Department
 MLC Department
Classification Directorate
Classification Division
 Design Technical Appraisal Department
 Machinery Department
 Hull Department
 Electrical Engineering and Automation Systems Department
 Newbuilding Department
 LNG Marine Transportation and Storage Technology Department
Technical Supervision in Industries Division
 Industrial Department
 Dangerous Goods and Packaging Sector
Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities Technical Supervision Division
 Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities Design Expertise Department
 Oil & Gas Equipment Technical Supervision Department
 Normative Documents and Research Support Department
 Container Department
 Department for Management Systems and Products Certification
 International Affairs Department
 Quality Division
 Personnel Training Department
 Accounting and Reporting Division
Planning and Marketing Division
 Planning and Economic Department
 Marketing and Information Policy Department
 Legal Division
 Procurement Sector
 IT Support Department
Administrative Division
 Maintenance Department
 Protocol Department
 Clerical Office
 Human Resources Department