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RS voluntary certification system

The market situation has been changing dramatically in the recent years. An increase in the number of companies active in the same market segments resulted in a situation where the service consumers have at last got an opportunity for free, instead of formal, choice. On the whole, the Russian market environment is increasingly changing to the advantage of the consumer, while the competition is shifting from development of new segments to enhancing the quality of existing services. Today it is mainly the quality that determines consumer choice.

Certification makes it possible to give an independent assessment of the quality of services, in other words, expert judgment is becoming an effective tool to get a competitive edge.

An RS Certificate demonstrates that the products, technical devices and production, which passed certification, are corresponded to regulations, will not adversely affect the life, health and property of people, will be qualitative and safe.

It is clear that in assuming such a responsibility RS has to ascertain the real potential of companies to which it issues certificates. Certification is more than a one-time audit. The activity of organizations is monitored by RS throughout the period of validity of the certificates by means of planned inspection audits and checks.

Voluntary certification is carried out by initiative of the applicant on terms of the agreement between the applicant and RS and is based on approval of conformity with national and international standards, specifications, as well as in compliance with contracts and contractual specifications in which requirements to consumable items are indicated.

We offer:
  • Certification of products and production with issuance of RS Certificate or RS Type Approval Certificate;
  • auditing of firms and organizations for issuance of RS Recognition Certificate;
  • review of technical documentation and technical supervision during manufacturing and tests of the products in compliance with the requirements of contractual specification as the third independent party.
The following RS documents are issued based on the results of the certification:
  • Certificate corresponding to the category 3.2 EN 10204:2004 and 3.1 ISO 10474:2013.
  • Type Approval Certificate
  • Recognition Certificate
Registration System:

The voluntary certification system of products and fabrications of industrial purposes registered at Unified Register of Rosstandart 12.07.2017, registration No. РОСС RU.В1719.04АЮ03.

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Application for certification of products  9.2.1 RU-EN
Application for certification of fabrication  9.2.2 RU-EN
Department for Management Systems and Products Certification

Head:  Anton Vinogradov
Phone:  +78123801989
Fax:  +78123801990

Attention! Certification of materials and products for ships is carried out by the Industrial Department

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