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Survey of ships in service

  • Classification surveys to confirm the compliance of the technical condition of vessels with the requirements of RS normative documents for assignment, confirmation, renewal of the Register class.
  • Surveys carried out on authorization of state authorities with the requirements of national or international normative documents in order to ensure the operation of ships at the level of world safety standards.
  • Organization of technical survey during the manufacture of materials and products intended for ships.
  • Technical supervision of ships under conversion and repair.

  • How to apply an application on acceptance of a ship into the RS Class
  • Documents
  • Contacts

The Customer sends (Contacts/Register Head Office ) written application drawn up in free form for acceptance of ship into the RS class. It is recommended to indicate the following information in Customer's application for RS services:

1. Basic Vessel's Record:

  • Name of Ship;
  • IMO number;
  • The availability of the class of ACS-IACS member
  • Existing flag / new flag (in case of changing the flag when transfer of the RS class)
  • Date and Place of Ship Construction;
  • Gross tonnage (ITC);
  • Length overall;
  • Purpose of the ship and expected navigational area, where necessary;
  • Document of Ownership (if available), or the planned issuance.

2. Description of firm:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Telephone, fax, e-mail;
  • CEO.

3. Proposed date and place of the RS service rendering.

Authorizations of RS by Flag Administrations  EN

Contract-application on technical supervision  430.1.1 RU-EN

Declaration of Conformity Asbestos Free Construction in accordance with SOLAS Regulation II-I/3-5 
Ships in Service Division

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