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Technical survey of materials and products

for ships, mobile offshore drilling units and fixed offshore platforms

RS performs technical survey of materials and products in accordance with the requirements of international conventions and agreements, RS Rules, recommendations issued by the International Maritime Organization and maritime administrations.

Technical supervision of materials and products includes:
  • review and approval (agreement) of technical documentation;
  • survey of the item of supervision followed by issue of the relevant RS certificate upon successful completion of survey.
RS additionally performs the following services in the process of technical supervision of manufacture of materials and products:
  • type approval of materials and products (Type Approval Certificate);
  • recognition of manufacturer (Recognition Certificate for Manufacturer);
  • recognition of service providers and testing laboratories (Recognition Certificate/Recognition Certificate of Testing Laboratories);
  • verification of a firm (Certificate of Conformity).
  • How to draw up a request for the RS services
  • Documents
  • Contacts

Firm (manufacturer) makes a written request to one of the RS branch offices (see RS Directory) which shall contain the following information:

1. Description of firm (manufacturer):
  • name;
  • address;
  • telephone, fax, e-mail;
  • CEO.
2. Service requested from RS:
  • single approval (in case of delivery upon particular order or contract);
  • type approval of materials and products;
  • recognition: of service provider, laboratory, manufacturer etc.
3. Information on material, product or service:
  • name;
  • type;
  • purpose;
  • main technical details;
  • limitations and other information according to technical documentation.
4. Proposed date of the RS service rendering.
5. Confirmation of agreement with the General Conditions for Rendering Services by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
6. Guarantee of payment for the RS service.
7. In addition to the above information, the request for single approval shall contain the following data:
  • number of order (contract);
  • information on material or product customer (name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail);
  • number of ship design under construction or name and number of ship in service (if the order is related to a particular ship).

Industrial Department

Head:  Vladimir Andreev
Phone:  +78126050514
Phone 2:  +78126050515
Fax:  +78126050516