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Classification of ships

Classification and reclassification of ships, including high-speed craft, manned submersibles and diving systems, mobile offshore drilling units, etc.

Supervision of ships and floating structures under construction.

Design technical appraisal of ships and the ship equipment for compliance with the RS Rules, drawing-up of the conclusions on different parts of the designs, including those regarding to:

  • hull structure;
  • stability and subdivision;
  • fire-fighting equipment and systems;
  • equipment, arrangements and outfit;
  • environmental protection and mechanical equipment;
  • propellers, shafting, diesel crankshafts;
  • gearing, steam boilers, heat exchangers and pressure vessels;
  • ship power stations, high voltage installations;
  • instrumentation equipment;
  • cables and wires;
  • explosion-proof electrical equipment;
  • automation systems of propulsion plants and dynamic positioning systems;
  • electrical equipment of boiler plants and auxiliary machinery;
  • central control and alarm warning systems;
  • computers, programmable controllers;
  • local automated devices;
  • sensors and signal indicators;

Control over implementation of the RS Rules and Maritime Administrations' requirements during design of ships.

Examination of technical documentation on prototype specimens of materials, products, machinery, installations, ship arrangements and life-saving appliances; participation in the tests and determining whether they can be used in supervised objects.

Supervision over adherence to specification in shipbuilding and ship-repairing.

Development and improvement of the RS Rules and Guidelines.

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Request for design approval  430.1.4.1 RU-EN
Agreement on design approval  430.1.4 RU-EN
Appendix 2 to the Agreement on design approval  430.1.4.2 RU-EN
Contract on review of technical documentation of a ship in service and under repair  430.1.11 RU-EN