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RS research work

Presidium of STC

RS research work is coordinated with the participation of Scientific and Technical Council (STC) as the advisory body.

More than 300 RS specialists, leading scientists and representatives of research and design centres, shipbuilding and maritime training institutions, shipping companies, shipyards, industrial enterprises, maritime administrations, RF Ministry of Transport are members of the STC.

The chairman of the STC Presidium is RS Chief Executive Officer.

The objectives of STC are

assistance in improvement and development of the RS rules and regulations;

  • assessment of RS R&D policy;
  • development of recommendations regarding the broadening of the activity sphere and the RS service quality improvement;
  • improvement of the RS scientific level of proposals and initiatives for realization of the international activity;
  • usage of experience of scientists, designers, shipbuilders and ship owners in normative work;

Meetings of the Presidium STC are scientific fora, where representatives of more than 30 scientific, educational and design organizations, shipping companies and shipyards meet annually for summing-up and planning the formation and implementation of high standards for safe navigation. The Presidium consists of the most reputable experts.

The Presidium carries out
    1. analysis of proposals for main areas of RS R&D policy;
    2. consideration and expertise of the most important problems and questions regarding the RS activity;
    3. consideration of draft annual R&D plans, carried out by different organizations in cooperation with RS, for the determination of their applicability and priority;
    4. consideration and analysis of RS proposals and initiatives for international activities at IMO, IACS and other organizations;
    5. general management of activity in STC sections;
    6. consideration and approval of RS annual plans and R&D reports;
    7. consideration and drawing up the report on innovation developed in RS or third-party organizations;
    8. consideration of questions regarding nomination of projects and candidates for state and public awards of different levels.


      • Sections of STC
      • Presidium of STC Member List
      • Contacts

      More than 300 scientists and highly qualified specialists, design engineering bureaus, maritime institutions of higher education work in 14 specialized sections.

      1. Ship theory
      2. Structural strength of hull and offshore units
      3. Materials and welding
      4. Environmental protection
      5. Fire protection
      6. Machinery installations, shafting and propellers
      7. Boilers, systems, refrigerating plants
      8. Electrical equipment and automation
      9. Radio and main navigational equipment
      10. Nuclear ships
      11. Technology of shipbuilding and ship repair
      12. Safety of shipping
      13. Human element
      14. Marine oil and gas facilities
      Presidium of STC Member List 

      Normative Documents and Research Support department

      Head:  Mikhail Gappoev
      Phone:  +78123140734
      Phone 2:  +78126050521