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RS research work

Having the aim to improve and develop the RS rules and guidelines for sea-going ships and offshore installations at all stages, beginning from the design, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) is engaged in considerable research activity.

RS defines scientific challenges in compliance with areas of its research policy and implements them as annual research plan. These works are carried out by RS in coordination with leading Russian research centers.

RS participates in realization of Federal Target Programme for the development of civil maritime technology. The objectives of RS include expert examination of R&D projects performed by different organizations.

RS research work specifies the need in information interchange as the result of conducted research and determination prospective areas. For this purpose, RS issues its own Research Bulletin, where many important results of R&D are published and essence of new requirements in shipbuilding and navigation is clarified.

The coordination of research work in RS is carried out by the Normative Documents and Research Support department.
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Normative Documents and Research Support department

Head:  Mikhail Gappoev
Phone:  +78123140734
Phone 2:  +78126050521