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Activities of Personnel Training Division

The RS Personnel Training Department provides the organization, coordination and conducting of training, maintenance and advancement of qualifications of the RS engineering and technical personnel, established by RS top management in accordance with the RS policy and strategy in order to perform works and render services on the following lines of the RS activities:

  • classification of ships and floating facilities;
  • acting on behalf of Maritime Administrations when carrying out surveys in accordance with provisions of international conventions including International Safety Management (ISM) Code, The International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS) and Maritime Labour Convention. The aim of the Department is to train and certify the RS personnel, maintain their qualifications within the RS system in order to successfully solve the tasks of performing RS works and rendering RS services on an up-to-date level that satisfies requirements of the RS customers.
The main tasks of the RS Personnel Training Department are as follows:
  • implementation of the quality policy, objectives and commitments of RS on the lines of the RS Personnel Training Department activities;
  • arrangement and elaboration of the training and certification, maintenance and advancement of the RS personnel qualification system in view of the requirements of the RS quality management system, applicable national and international requirements as well as the results of the RS personnel training process measurement;
  • required proficiency determination for the RS personnel engaged in performing particular RS works and rendering particular RS services;
  • development and agreement of normative documents, training methods and programs relating to the theoretical, specialized theoretical and practical training of the RS personnel;
  • practice of different types of training, holding the seminars at the RHO, and organizing the guest seminars for the RS personnel in different regions covered by the RS activities;
  • organization of RS personnel training in the leading educational institutions of the maritime industry;
  • provision of the process of surveyors activity monitoring for the purpose of definition the compliance of their qualification, competence and RS services awareness;
  • improvement of the organizational and technical cooperation between the Head Office and RS divisions in the process of the RS personnel training and certification;
  • annual activity assessment of RS Surveyors and Experts;
  • measurement and analysis of the RS personnel training process for the purpose of continual improvement;
  • preparation of proposals to Top Management RS to improve RS personnel training system.